Fitness, Wedding Planning

Good Monday.

Today has been a great day. I was able to find the Parks and Tree people in Daffin Park. [FYI: I was so lost, drove in a giant rectangle for a good 10 minutes before calling the people] and once the wonderful receptionist gave me step-by-step directions and actually saw my car, I was there. I happily handed over our deposit and The Garden of Fragrance, the proper name is ours for October 8. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Now I’m just in the last haul of getting our officiant who happens to be the most sought after Reverend in Savannah to marry us. I’m almost stalking him, or at least I feel that way. Probably means I need to step off a little bit. Its hard to believe in 5 months I will be married. Am I nervous? Nope. I am more excited then ever! I already feel married, I mean Zach and I have been living together for a good while and its just making it official at this point.

Now for the other fun news in my life, I have my cousins coming down this weekend. I’m so excited to see them! I haven’t been with them in almost 2 years…thats a long time. But we are having an awesome weekend, going to fun bars and doing a haunted pub crawl, oh yeah Zach should have a wonderful time babysitting us..just kidding.

Then, I’m training for a race that is coming up. First I’m doing the Savannah Mile, its exactly one mile all out. That means trying to run it as fast as you can and not a steady pace. Fun right? Yes! I’m so excited, but after that is a 4 mile race. Thats my goal, and so far I’m doing great with my training. I keep trying to run further, but still trying to maintain my pace. I can run one mile right around 8:35 and two miles in about 15:50. I haven’t gone really past that 2 mile mark. I will get there, I know it.  But today is a good Monday, hope everyone else is having a good Monday as well.


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