Fragrance Garden

So after many discussions, I decided to change our wedding…again. Something was in my gut telling me what we had planned wasn’t right. It was really starting to bother me for awhile, but I didn’t have the heart to tell Zach. All this planning was getting to me and it was becoming too overwhelming. I was starting to have panic attacks over this wedding. Then a sweet guy who has my heart said the simplest thing, “lets just get married one of the parks.” Simple idea right? Well it is. We live in what I think to be the most beautiful city in the United States and there are so many wonderful places to get hitched. I’ve seen some of the reception places thanks to work, and it just clicked. After this talk with Zach and what place we were thinking it just sank it. This wonderful  idea was just what I needed to hear. I talked it over with the girls at work and Minette just started planning it for us. She came up with the ceremony place, the reception, etc. So after talking about it with Zach he happily agreed.

The ceremony is taking place in The Fragrant Garden that is tucked away in Forsyth Park, and our reception is being held at The Olde Pink House in the Conference Room. In all we are having the perfect Savannahian wedding. Its purely Savannah.

But I must add what else is going on with us. We are loving our jobs! It just gets better every week. I’m trying to find a workout routine that keeps me interested…I think I want to try Turbo Fire. Its kinda like the p90x, but its mostly cardio dancing then weight lifting with cardio. Zach is loving his car “accessories” if thats what you would call them, I’m not sure. We are fitting into our place in Savannah. Love it.


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