“Let’s cross over.” Thats what I’ve been feeling for the past week. Funny enough we have crossed over…state lines. Zach and I are now 100% unpacked in our new home. Its been stressful and tiring, it has taken us a 4 days to unpack boxes from a 1 bedroom apartment into a 3 bedroom house. Yes I had have that much stuff . Its been a week without cable, internet, city trash can, etc. Countless trips to Blockbuster this week also happened. All we could do was watch movies, I read “Eat, Pray, Love” again. I just can’t get enough of that book. Needless to say having cable has made us happier. How sad is that? We couldn’t even enjoy our new place without having TV to watch? Well no. I’ll tell you why this week has been hard.

1. We couldn’t unpack until we scrubbed this whole house. It wasn’t clean. I repeat it WAS NOT CLEAN! There were brown, nasty stains that looked like dip spit everywhere in the house. Both bathrooms and kitchen. Also, the cabinets in the kitchen were covered in “yellow” matter. Zach cleaned them, I couldn’t stomach it. We still don’t know what it was. Our bathroom, our nice bathroom we fell in love with had roach feces in the shower. The entire floor was covered along with some roach carcasses. So while that took 2 whole days to scrub, we had to leave our things in boxes.

2. Gnats. I love the South, always have and always will. There is something that makes me hate it at right now in Savannah. The gnats! They are in full force and are getting into the house. We have door seals that exposed and right now they are stuffed with paper towels. DIY door fixer lol! I can’t walk outside without my face itching from them flying in my path.

3. Our kitchen [again]. Its tiny, I’d say its about 6 feet long and 3 feet wide. Zach could lay on the floor and wouldn’t be able to stretch his arms out. We have a lot of kitchen stuff. So..where is it? Boxes. Yep, if we need something we have to dig it out.

Wasn’t this supposed to be exciting and make us so happy? I thought this whole moving thing would be great. Nope. Before leaving Orlando, we fought over moving furniture. It was crazy and chaos. Same goes for unpacking in Savannah. Hopefully things will look up. There are less insects in our house, Zach killed a wolf spider that was lunging toward us at dinner and sprayed the whole house again with Raid. That is the most comforting thing about our house I guess…its covered with Raid. Oh and our house doesn’t smell from our trash now since the city dropped off our trash can yesterday…the one they were supposed to drop off Wednesday afternoon but forgot.

Things are getting better, slowly. But we are more than happy to cross over Florida into Georgia and live in Savannah, the most enchanting city in the South.


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