March Madness

This month will be full of adventures in every aspect of our lives. To start off the month of March, we’re moving. We are packing like crazy, our kitchen is full of boxes and its a big cardboard mess. I didn’t know how much stuff we I had LOL. I have a lot of baking/decorating stuff! Our dad’s are helping us move up to Savannah to unpack our belongings. Thank goodness we have a larger home, I mean house 🙂 I love our house. I LOVE IT. I know I started this blog with a moving post, its funny that everything has its own circle of live. We have lived in Orlando for a reason that we have finished. Our schooling is done and a while back we had the opportunity of picking cities to live in. The United States was our living map. Thank God we are living in Savannah. This is the cherry on top of our cake.  Here is a lovely photo of our new living space:

Needless to say our trip to Savannah was a HUGE success! Zach is working for Critz BMW and I’m working for Custom Cake’s. We are beyond happy for each other, I’m so proud of Zach. He set a goal and didn’t dwell on rejections from dealerships, he just called another city and we’d go from there. But this is a dream come true. We visited Savannah back in December and it was a good trip, but from not hearing anything for a month we gave up on the idea and started looking at other places. We were on the same page about New Orleans. We were ready to tell our families that we were moving to the jazz city. That whole idea changed when we got the phone call from Savannah. Since that day we have been dreaming and praying for the news to come true. Well it had.

For me though, I was nervous as heck interviewing with Ashlee Perkins and Minette Rushing. These two woman not only influence me, but they influence the whole wedding cake scene. I truly could not believe what they were saying to me. I smiled and grinned and said yes to everything and then I was so calm when Ashlee said, “Your flowers are so well done. You’re more than qualified to work here.” YES! I could of hugged them both. I was trying to hold back tears. I for sure thought an internship was in my future, which would of been fine with me! But to be hired on is the best thing God has planned for me. But I truly believe I couldn’t be where I’m at without Jennyfer guiding me through all of this. She is the sole reason I’m good at cakes, I’ve learned her eye for perfection. And Zach was in shock, the good kind I might say. He wanted to run and hug me and lift me off the ground, but he said he couldn’t because I was on the phone with my mom and had all of stuff in hand. He is so thoughtful!

I just can’t believe it! I honestly cannot. I have had some high’s and low’s here in Florida and I think I just allowed myself  to be okay with any outcome. But the Lord has been holding my hand throughout this whole journey. He has been with us the entire way.

But get ready for many more posts. This month will be packed with moments to share!


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