Georgia On My Mind..

This charming Sunday post is coming to you from Savannah! Thats right, Zach and I are in Georgia for a big reason. We are this close “-” to actually moving here. Zach is already in the process with Critz BMW and I’m having an interview with Mrs. Amazing Cakes herself, Minette Rushing. While here are we looking for some homes and also seeing family. The thought of moving here is incredible. Happy doesn’t come close to what I’m feeling. I need a bigger, better word then happy 🙂 and to intern/or work for Minette is the best opportunity that could ever happen for me.  I’ve already learned from the best cake designer in Orlando, the talented Jennyfer Mancino who learned her skills from Minette. So its like I’m going from Point A to Point B with cake designers (Point C is when I open my bakery :-)).

Savannah just makes me feel better in my bones. Coming to Georgia is like a retreat that warms my soul. I’m connected to this state. I’m a home-grown Georgia gal, raised in the small town of Hickory Flat where everyone knows everybody..and their whole life story lol. Georgia just makes us happier, makes us stronger.

Here is to the future for Zach and I. May it bring us to Savannah..!


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