Zach and I just got back from a little trip to New Orleans. The colorful city was fun and exciting. We ate at Acme, one of my favorite restaurants in NOLA. We drove around the city looking at Bourbon Street and the French Market all the little treasures that New Orleans has to offer.

We went to New Orleans for Zach’s interview at Peake BMW and I was interested in visiting one of the bakeries there in case that is where we would live. Wednesday was exciting and fast paced. Zach’s interview went well, he was offered the job! That came at bit of shock to me, I was excited and disappointed at the same time. My mind was racing..”what happened to Atlanta? Are we still holding out for them? I should be excited, a job! Zach has a job!” All that was going on and I couldn’t focus. The next step was all about me. The bakery. The bakery was nice, but in a not so pleasant area. The drive to the bakery was depressing to say the least. We saw the ruins of many homes left from Katrina. It broke my heart. So many buildings were just left to fall apart and decay in the sunlight. It was like a broken doll a little girl just left outside to melt and tarnish. The bakery was in the mists of this decay and sadness. The women were very friendly and they loved my work, they actually offered me the job and asked if I could start the next day! Zach was thrilled along with Rob, his dad. I should of been more excited, but I wasn’t. It just didn’t fit me. The rest of the day was driving down I-10 to Laplace and looking for homes outside the city because we can’t stay inside New Orleans. That night we drove down St. Charles Street and it was beautiful! The streets were lined with unique shops and grand hotels. It reminded us of Savannah. That whole night we talked about what we were doing or what we should be doing. Zach and I kept coming back to the same conclusion..we don’t feel right here. Could we move here? We don’t really care for the whole city, just bits and pieces. The more we talked, the more confused we got.

The next day was we were waiting at the airport Zach received a call from a Georgia number. It was Critz BMW, calling to see if Zach was still looking for a job. My heart raced with excitement! Savannah! I couldn’t believe it, we gave up on the idea a long time ago. Not only did we have the option of New Orleans, now Savannah was in the mix. Now things just got a whole lot more confusing. Of course there is clear choice, but we are waiting for my end to happen. We have to be smart about this, really smart. Jobs are scarce these days.

Today we put in our 30 day notice to move. Exciting and scary as ever. This isn’t for schools, its for real life. Our careers are taking off as I type this. I’m more in shock than ever, can’t believe its happening right now. Our families are thrilled, beyond happy for us. What we have achieved being so young as we are is unbelievable.

Here are some photo’s of us in NOLA, enjoy them!


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