Wedding Location

WE HAVE PICKED A WEDDING VENUE/LOCATION! I don’t really know if I can call it a wedding venue, due that it is made by Mother Nature. We’ll say ceremony site. We are getting  married at…Jekyll Island Driftwood Beach! If you’ve never seen this beach, it will blow you away. We looked into Tybee Island and Hilton Island, but they didn’t ‘WOW’ us. Jekyll Island however, well blew us back. The natural scene is gorgeous. The laid-back beach perfect. We are thrilled. I mean thrilled. I’ve already been in contact with wedding planners and they are working with the different hotels to find which one will fit us perfectly. We are in love with Villa’s By The the package they are offering. It is an elopement deal, (they did say we can say our traditional Christian vows) but they offer two nights in the villa, breakfast in bed, etc. Perfect. I found some photos  one photo that truly captures what we want. Here it is:

Only one is uploading, but I found the photographer we like, her name is Brooke 🙂 and here is the site with a wedding she did and it’s just want we want..literally. The dress, the type of photo’s. so click there and look.  The photo with the couple standing on the tree is what I was trying to upload so I just took the whole link [hehe].

This wedding is FINALLY underway. We hope, even if we don’t move to Atlanta which are praying for every night we are still flying out to this location. It is our wedding ceremony site!


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