Wedding By The Sea

Ok so I am pretty sure I have made the decision for our wedding. We’ve been discussing this for a while now and this blog post from Once Wed made it official. This wedding is EXACTLY what we want. I mean, ever since seeing it I can’t get it out of my mind. The number of guests, location, style..everything! Now the location isn’t what we want, we can’t fly to Sweden, but the sea part is what we looked at. How perfect would Tybee Island be by the jets? The whole island is old, cultural and beautiful. The dress she wears is stylish, laid-back, and elegant. My type of wedding dress. The whole idea of a grand wedding is still enticing, but that just isn’t Zach and I. We just aren’t those people. I’m sure I once was, but growing into my own and seeing the woman I’m becoming I just can’t picture myself in a grand, over-the-top wedding. I don’t want to be someone I’m not. Our wedding should showcase us, our lifestyle and how we want to celebrate a magical moment in our lives.  The whole wedding is beautiful. Lets just say if we could fly everyone to Sweden we would, the photos are drop-dead gorgeous! That type of view isn’t here in the South anywhere. From what I’ve been reading from brides how have a unique style loved planning their weddings because it fit them like a glove. That’s how I want to feel about planning ours. I don’t want to be stressed over a detail that is so small no one will notice. I want to enjoy this whole wedding planning and capture Zach and I. So a wedding by the sea, in a soft flowy gown, family members so close to us it just fills the air with love and happiness, and my husband to be waiting for me in the sand. That is my ideal perfect wedding. That is how I picture us starting our lives together as Mr. & Mrs. Nebel.

Here is the BEAUTIFUL wedding that captured my heart:                                      


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