So it is official, Zach and I are college graduates. We didn’t graduate typical schools, but we graduated from the schools we are so passioniate about. Friday afternoon was Zach’s big day and he looked so handsome. My dad, Erin and I arrived at his school so excited and hoping his father would make it. Zach’s dad was having some flight problems and his flight was delayed. It would of broken Zach’s heart if he dad couldn’t make it, but right when we sat down my dad goes, “Rob is here.” I had the biggest smile on my face and he came over and asked where Zach was. He made it just in time. He was able to see Zach out in the hall and came back in with tears of joy. The graduation ceremony was short, but good. They announced every achievement the student’s made while being in school. I was so proud of Zach when he was called and he is one of the only two BMW students. I cried when he received his diploma. I am so proud of him! He has achieved his dreams and stuck with his goals and finished with great accreditation.

My graduation was Saturday in the morning. It was a sunny and windy day, and I was late. Well, we were running late. Thanks to me. Dad and Erin arrived first and waited for us. I had about 15 minutes before the ceremony started and was rushed to get signed in and find out where I was going to be seating. I did get to see my great friends for a brief chat before it all started. I was so nervous. It felt like high school graduation all over again. My hands were shaking, butterflies all in my  stomach and I was feeling faint (not literally, but I wanted to sit down). There were so many people and I got a little emotional walking to the music. I couldn’t find my family out of the hundreds there. I sat in the second row to the front in the Academic Honor’s row. That’s a little pat on the back 🙂 Then the ceremony was starting and I was shaking worse. My hands were just moving away. Finally they started calling names, and when mine was called I heard the loud sounds of my family and just smiled big. “Ashlie Ogletree, Academic Honor’s” and then cheering from the crowd. I had my fiance, parents, family, and friends cheering. Big moment and I was thanked God for getting me so far.

The weekend ended being a “beautiful, blessed weekend” as said by my dad. It really was. Zach and I came here to Orlando for a purpose and we completed it. We finally finished our schools and now the world is our’s for the taking. We can only go up from here.  Zach and I just want to thank everyone who has been here for us. Let us vent our frustrations with school and giving us courage and strength to make it.



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