Dear Zach,

Today you are graduating college. It’s a mile marker in our lives and big step for our future. You’ve come a long way from your past and not only am I so proud of you, our families are as well. You followed your dreams of BMW and have paved the way for your future with their company. You didn’t take any no’s as answers and you stuck with your heart to succeed and continue on becoming the best you can be. I am for one so proud of you and I can’t say it enough. You not only inspire me to do my best, but you inspire me to do my ABSOLUTE best. Our lives are starting now, we are no longer college students, we are graduates. Our next chapter is marriage. To be your wife is the greatest thing to happen to me and I couldn’t ask for anything better. I can’t wait for our wedding. I can’t wait for our one year anniversary. After that many years of happiness with our children and families. That all starts today. I love you so much, and I always say I love you more and today I really do. I love you more than I did the first time we said our “I love you’s”. I grow more in love with you everyday. Today you are a college graduate and my fiance. Nothing could make me more proud of you. I love you.

Love, Brooke


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