Where in The World..

Where in the world are Zach and I going to live? A big question you might ask, but thats what we’re asking to every BMW dealer in the United States. We are currently looking seeking different states. Not just sweet ole’ Georgia anymore. Nope. We are looking in Big Texas, Snowy Colorado, Crunchy Seattle, and Relaxed Lake Tahoe Nevada. Why all these far away places? Because we can. We have no real reason to head back to Georgia [although I personally think family and friends is the best reason] but there aren’t many places for me. Yes, I too need a job and if Georgia isn’t offering the one I really want then we aren’t moving there. I don’t want a medium-bakery job. I want to help with wedding cakes. I will open my OWN bakery one day and I don’t want to waste my time doing simple cookie jobs. I didn’t go to school and pay a bunch of money to do just cookies or cupcakes. I went to learn wedding cakes, and I took an internship with a wedding cake bakery. All this has a purpose on my future. Houston, Texas has about 16 GREAT wedding cake bakeries. Boulder, Colorado has not so many, but some well-known wedding cake bakeries. Zach and I have more reasons as to why we are looking at other states and I know it won’t make some people happy if we move further away. But in our world today, we need to go where jobs are wanted. Savannah is still not a no, but its an undecided answer. Zach is a wonderful BMW tech, he has high praises from his teachers and he is one of the best students in his class. Thats why so many OTHER states are interested in him. Again, Savannah is still interested, but if God wants us to be somewhere else lets say where his pay will be higher and I too can get a job then that is where we will be living. The big problem with all of this is we need to know soon. I can’t just be sitting at home much longer with a big student loan payment coming up [next month]. Jennyfer has been kind enough to let me come back to the bakery for some small tasks, but that is good for now. I personally hope to find someone like her in another state, but I’m sure they won’t be as perfect and talented as she is 🙂 but all in all things are moving, slowly. A little too slow for my taste, but good things come to those who wait. Well Lord, I’m waiting and I’m praying for a good thing.

Thus leads to another big issue. Zach and I can’t really plan a wedding if we don’t know where we are staying. It is too much of a hassle to plan in another state while moving and it might be too far away. We have different “wedding plans” for different areas of The South. For one in Savannah, if we move there we have a wedding plan to throw into action. Same with Colorado and Texas. Thats why I’m realizing we have a theme, not a big theme, but one that is clear on how we want to get married: not a big fluffy wedding. We mean a small gathering with no big dress, no big tent or anything. We want family and God in our wedding. I don’t care if I wear a mini dress [a lace one] and Zach wears flip-flops, as long as we have God in our vows and family around then thats all that matters. I don’t know 100% but I’m just at the point where the wedding planning shouldn’t be my #1 goal for this year. It should be finding a job and having my credit score at a good score and dealing with issues that are bigger than me, like student loans!  But we may have a big wedding with lots of guests, food, fun times and memories. I honestly have no clue right now because we haven’t secured any plans…because we don’t know where in the world we are going to live. Not true, we do know we will live in the United States 🙂

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