Christmas is here!

I cannot believe Christmas is this Saturday. I am for one over-joyed with excitement, I get to see my dad and Erin. They will be staying for a couple of days. This month has flown by, I mean its like there wasn’t even a chance for Zach and I to enjoy the month of December. Needless to say we have been pretty busy. This past weekend we were in Savannah for Zach’s interview with Critz BMW. From what he has told me and our families, it’s looking pretty good on our end! We also saw my cousin Travis and his new wife Angie. They were so nice and we had a blast seeing them. We did only stay one full day, but we packed for a couple of, not for prissy reasons either, more like what is the weather going to be? Oh it was FREEZING! We left Orlando around 9 and it was nice and breezy, getting closer to I-295 it started raining and then around 2am when we got to our hotel it was below 40F. Oh it was awful! I was freezing the whole time. I also saw Custom Cake’s with Minette. It was like a child seeing Santa for the first time! I couldn’t stop grinning lol. She took me into her bakery and showed me around and asked some questions and offered me to stop by anytime if we move up there. She even talked to Zach. Getting back home was a relief though, I finally started Christmas shopping today! Yes, 5 days before Christmas! I’m a last-minute person I guess. My internship is done though, and I am finished with school. That is a 10 lb. weight off my shoulders. Now Zach and I are just seeing what happens and God has a plan for us and we will see where He wants us to go. I just hope we find out soon so we can start to plan this wedding! It’s a little hard to plan when you might be moving in month and things get jumbled. Well, we will see what January brings and hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!


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