Its Christmas Time

Oh Christmas is 24 days away..and I am getting the best present! My dad and Erin are coming down to Orlando on Christmas Day just to see us 🙂 I love Christmas, always have. The whole “season” is wonderful. People are jolly and rosy red from the cold and it just seems everyone comes together around Christmas. Zach and I already have our tree up and its cute as a button, or at least we think so. With Christmas just around the corner, we have a lot going on. This whole month is pretty exciting. We are going to Savannah for Zach’s BMW interview and fingers crossed I get a meeting with Minette Rushing, a cake designer and genius in Savannah at Custom Cake’s. If all goes well we could be moving there at the end of January. What a way to end the year and bring in 2011. But then Zach’s graduation is Christmas Eve, and I am so proud! My externship ends December 17, but I am happily interning until we leave for our next town/city to live in. Then, January I graduate from Le Cordon Bleu! My mom is coming down for 3 days 🙂 I am beyond happy since I sadly don’t get to see her for Christmas. As the day gets closer I will have to post my stress-levels and the frenzy of Christmas shopping. I am also getting in shape for the holidays. I am running more, doing more yoga, and am only drinking water. I haven’t had a Diet Coke since November 14 [I know this because it was when Zach was in the hospital]. And my best friend Sam finds out the sex for her baby on December 21! I am so excited and praying for a girl. I want a god-daughter, but of course I will love this baby…boy or girl 🙂 I love the first day of the month, it brings such happiness about whats to come!


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