The Thanksgiving Feast

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays. The time you normally gather with family and stuff your face with the most delicious, fatty-comforting foods around. Well, with Zach and I being alone in Orlando we have come up with our own mini-family Thanksgiving tradition..dining at Cracker Barrel. Yes, the most southern decorated and themed restaurant in the South [and maybe up the East Coast]. Zach and I are just an engaged couple who have no money to head north to Georgia and are have no interest in making our own feast so it makes perfect sense to do it. And I must say it was great! Good turkey  slices, ham, green beans, sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, and of course the show stopper stuffing. Now I must mention we did eat here last year when we only lived in Orlando for a couple of months. That Thanksgiving was so hard for me. I wasn’t surrounded with loved ones and wasn’t with my favorite people, my parents. But this year was so much better. Being just Zach and I was what I wanted. I wanted to enjoy this holiday with just my love and it would be our last Thanksgiving as fiance’s and next year it would be husband and wife. We talked about everything and laughed a lot. We held hands and he just said I love you in a crowded room like no one was there. It was the perfect Thanksgiving, just him and I.  I will say what I am most thankful for:  Zach and how far he has come with school, the progress he has made with starting his career, and my family who was supported us with everything and of course God for giving us the great opportunities we have been given.  God has made small miracles for us and He is who I am most thankful for, having Jesus Christ as my savior and the reason for Zach’s and I happiness and love.

But this whole week has been filled with excitement. Earlier Zach received a phone call from a BMW dealership in Savannah [oh, the city I love] about setting up an interview! I was so proud of him and then it just traveled onto our families and everyone is praying for us and keeping faith it will work out..but Zach and I are still not 100% sure. I want him to keep trying other places around Georgia and in the Atlanta area. I would love to live in South Carolina [um, hello Clemson!] and possibly around Charleston. I just adore the old South cities with classic southern charm.


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