For Sickness and In Health

This past weekend was a tough one for my fiance and I. Zach was in severe stomach pain early Friday morning and he made the decision we had to go to the ER. Thank God we did! We discovered he has Ulcerative Colitis.  Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that causes chronic inflammation of the digestive tract. That is bad news bears. My poor Zach was moaning and literally screaming from the pain. His blood pressure was way above normal, I mean around 160/110 range. I felt so helpless staying beside his gurney. The only thing I could say was, “baby you just have to try to relax and breathe.” Um, yeah ok right? How could he just relax and breathe? I couldn’t believe how stressed out the whole situation made me. Well they gave him meds and we were sent home to rest the whole day. Saturday morning rolls around, I’d say I was woken up around 6:30 with a Ground-Hog day moment..Zach screaming again. We knew this time around not waste any time and headed straight towards Health Central. He registered and about an hour later, we were headed to his hospital room. My heart broke at that moment. The man I love, the person I want to spend the rest of my life with was being emitted into the hospital. Zach is 23. The nurse told us he was the youngest patient on the entire floor. Great. The next couple of hours were all on repeat: pain, call the nurse, nurse asking, “what is your pain level now?”, Zach screaming, “10! It is still a 10!”, and me on the crappy couch/bed combo saying, “Just breathe.” Yes that continued for all Saturday and finally, I mean Heaven came through our room and Zach was asleep. I just couldn’t stop looking at him,  I was for one scared to move and make noise and awake him and second, he looked so different. He looked like a broken-down Zach. He was hooked up to oxygen and sleeping in a bed for the elderly (no offense). This is something you don’t normally go through at his age. Saturday night into Sunday morning was awful too. We were awoken every 3 hours for pain meds and stat checks. A nurse came in at 4 to draw blood. He never got a full nights sleep. Yes, I know this because I spent the whole time in the room also, only going home to eat and shower. Sunday was better though, he finally ate something..I mean chicken broth and Jello; yum. His pain was stabilizing and the antibiotics were working and he was able to get out of bed. I was so worried that I was becoming sick, by that I mean my sugar levels were low..all weekend. I am still feeling the effects of that problem.  Monday I had to go back to the bakery and I was scared. I was so scared of getting a bad phone call from the nurse or Zach’s parent’s. Nope, instead I got the great and joyous news that my baby was discharged. God answered my prayers of letting him heal and come home. This whole chaotic weekend really did bring Zach and I even closer. I took care of him like a wife. I held his hand when he was sleeping. I was there with him during all his pain. He kept saying, “thank you so much,” just for being there. Everyone was saying I was just a trooper and he would agree and just say,”I love you, how did I get so lucky to have you?” My response, “No, how I did get so lucky to find you?” 🙂 Little things like that make a marriage work. Finding the simple things in every situation brings two people closer in a new way. I love Zach so much and I am so thankful the Lord brought him to me. We are all in for sickness and in health,  good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow.


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