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Wedding Saturday

Today two close family members are getting married. They are on separate sides of my family and ironically picked the same day to get hitched; I did say separate sides right? Well, my uncle Patrick [my dad’s little brother] and my cousin Travis [my mom’s nephew]  are both getting married today, an hour apart! How crazy?! I couldn’t believe it when my parents told me [separately of course] and I am thrilled for both couples. The sad thing is I didn’t want to have to choose a wedding, both are so dear to my heart and I love them both so much. I talked about it for months with Zach, my parents, and friends. I did the respectful Southern etiquette and declined both invitations. I was so torn, and I wanted to see both. My dad who recently had a heart attack was still offering to pay for Zach and I to go to my cousin’s wedding and my mom was pushing to see the Ogletree wedding. Weird, huh? My parents have been divorced for a year now and are telling me to attend opposite weddings. That says a lot about their post-marriage relationship. I am so lucky and blessed to still have my parents be friends, they check up on each other and mainly discuss me and my problems which stress, wedding planning, bakery things, etc. Well this post is for my family and new family members joining on the Ogletree and Hearn side. Congratulations to both brides and grooms! I love my new aunt Leslie, she is perfect for my uncle! And Angie is Travis’s other half, and adorable woman! I just can’t believe everyone is starting a new family and new beginnings.

Zach and I will have this joy come next year. Oh and I am thinking of a new venue 🙂 I cannot keep my word on picking a single place!


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