My Dad.

My dad is the most wonderful man on Earth. I am without a doubt a “daddy’s girl.” He is the first person I ever saw, well from what I’m told. We’ve always had that special father-daughter connection that only fathers and daughters understand. It’s that bond that will never break, and that’s why this news came at great shock and sadness. My dad had a heart attack. It was yesterday. I got the call from him saying he was just in the hospital for observation on chest pains. That was yesterday evening. This morning around 8:40 am I get a heart-breaking phone call from my dad telling me he did have a heart attack. I caved to my knees and was literally on the floor crying so hard I just wanted to throw up. My dad is big guy, like a bear and he always has a “business face” and he was scared on the phone, crying too. My dad is my world, I mean I can’t replace him EVER and I NEVER want to. I couldn’t even get my words together and was trying to ask questions and trying to keep calm so it wouldn’t upset him even more. After that I tried going back to sleep. I was trying to wake up from what I thought was a dream. I have never felt guilty for living in Florida until today. I hate not being in Georgia. I do know he is in good hands. As my Grandmama told me, “he’s in good hands, but not Allstate.” Even she is trying to get my spirit up. I have 100% faith God will heal my dad, make him better and stronger. This is a major wake up to my dad too. He has already said he can’t smoke cigars anymore, no fatty foods and increase his exercise activity. He has no choice, he has to do it. And he better, I can’t imagine him not being at my wedding. He needs to get in better health for my wedding next fall. All I ask is prayers, prayers for my father whom I love so much.


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