Go Lynx.

First off, this is not bashing the transportation that citizens of Orlando have to take. Its my reflective view of this system. So I have to take the bus everywhere I go, up until today it was only to the bakery and back home. Today, I went all the way to D&G, the only baking supply super store in Orlando. Lets just say I was not disappointed by my fellow riders. Also, I want to add that I plan everything around the bus schedule and decide when to leave so I can get to the destination and how many minutes I can stay in there and get back to the bus stop and get on to get home. I am OCD on this schedule, but for good reason. So this trip to the store was, lack of a better word, crazy: 1. A grown man yelled at the driver for helping a handicap person on the bus 2. The second man yelling at one handicap woman was with another handicap woman 3. Yes, there was a man yelling at a handicap person. This sweet lady got on a stop and got off on the next one. A man literally yelled at her for wasting time with one stop. I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. My heart broke for this woman. I wanted to hit this man for being a jerk and because he was with a woman in the same position! So I got off the wrong stop, I had to walk half a mile extra to D&G. I entered the store, and was excited and let down. It was a little disorganized, but still had tons of wonderful goodies! I only had 23 minutes in the store and was just walking up and down aisles making a mental check list of wants. I stared at baking pans and just wishing I could get all of them. I strolled to the wedding cake section and found the fondant aisle. I quickly glanced the multiple cases and found the one I needed and got some extra prizes. Go I paid and left and rushed to the stop I needed. With a quick phone call to dad to let him know I made it, got my stuff, and was at my stop I just waited. This stop was 100% NICER than my normal stop. I stop in an area with a railroad and abandoned building with all the windows busted out and people honk at me. Its gross. So this stop had benches, a cover, and decent people. Well the bus was early, not the norm for bus #30; I generally wait 45-1 hour for my bus because it’s always that late. I got on the crazy persons bus. I mean honest crazy people. I was so uncomfortable that I prayed they would get off soon. This gentleman was cussing at everyone who got on (thank God I got on before him) and was yelling the BIG word to the driver, God, and his radio. The man next to him kept saying “hmm-mmm” and it was loud. So we are going along and we approach my afternoon stop and there is a homeless man. I’m not being mean against homeless people, I treat them the same as anyone else because they are in fact normal people, but the man at this stop literally frightened me. He was the scariest man I’ve ever seen! He just looked like a villan from a horror movie where the white girl dies; ALWAYS DIES. I would have walked up a mile to previous stop before mine before standing at my usual one. Well, he didn’t get on the bus, but this other guy did. He sat next to me. He was kind, but the older mean man cussed at him and made fun of his clothes 😦 but he commented on my shopping bag saying it looked pretty. Lets just say I made it home and ran to my apartment. I have never felt more happy being home. I just have an un-safe route and its looking like I’ll be there for a while. My poor parents have heart attacks whenever my bus is late [everyday] and I can now see why. The areas here are worse than Atlanta. It is really scary in places and I have no control of what I have to do to get to work. There are so many bad people here and they are clearly visible. But, on a good note I get to bake a cake and use my new cake turntable and new fondant.


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