Wedding Planning

Oh My Bride Goodness.

Today was a whirl-wind of chaos, but the good kind of chaos that when you reflect on your day, you smile. I felt like I was running on buttercream all day! This morning at the bakery was a little hectic. We sadly forgot to pull the buttercream we needed to today and so it was cold, like bricks of buttercream. Well we needed this buttercream ASAP. So we had it outside, in a hot-tub [of the sinks], and defrost in the microwave. It finally thawed enough to be whipped into delicious flavors. And then once everything was done, we rushed to torte the cakes [which is cutting the cakes into the layers we need] and I finally tried today without cutting my hand off 🙂 great right? lol. And then it was time of Jen to get the baby and we kept on torting and filling without lunch. I was starved for my lunch, literally having stomach hunger growls and pains. I was relieved for my lunch break and inhaled my Lean Cuisine frozen entrĂ©e. So healthy! I also downed it with some Diet Coke out of a 1 pound container. HAHA! It was a good-fun day. I actually enjoy being productive all day. Especially on something I’m in love with, which is wedding cakes. I come home and sketch little cakes, read cake blogs, and pretend shop of baking equipment. I am 100% satisfied with changing career paths, I wouldn’t be this happy still doing x-rays. But anyway, so I back on bridal track, my dear friend asked me to be a bridesmaid in her Atlanta…back home! I was so honored and thrilled and I happily said yes. I cannot wait to be a part of it, but of course I will be eyeing her wedding cake, getting up close and personal with the design work. And last night, Zach and I discussed me eventually opening a wedding cake bakery. I am leaning more and more towards opening one when I’m close to age 28. I want to be my boss and have my name on wedding cakes. I truly am honored to work with Jennyfer at her bakery. I learn so much from her and she is a hero to me. I watch how gracefully she crumb coats a cake and how quickly she fixes a cake that is need of some TLC. I cannot thank her enough of allowing us to be in her bakery. Also I have a name for my bakery. Its pretty kitchy-cakey cute. My dad has always called me Sweet Pea. Why, I don’t know, but its my dad’s thing, so I love it. Well I’m changing the Pea to B and having Sweet B Cakes. I already ordered my trademark stamp that will be delivered with my cakes! I know, big-plan-ahead plan, but I’m dead serious about this. Zach said he would support me 100% and be my business partner, but he stated one thing. I need tons and tons of experience. I couldn’t agree more, but for someone to back you up with something that is kinda crazy means something. It means he loves me, dearly 🙂 So eventually I will be helping brides designing their once-in-a-lifetime cakes and enjoying the wedding experience all over again. Which, I’m starting to think civil ceremony is a good idea. This whole wedding planning is stressful! I can’t believe how stressed out I get. But I know I will have a traditional ceremony, even if Zach wants a judge and courthouse. We are so in love, don’t even need a big ole’ weddin’ 🙂 But I did find this place and I want to honeymoon here:

The Maldives. GOREGOUS.


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