The Big 22!

This week was so exciting/depressing/long. On Thursday, it was my birthday. I turned another year older and it was a little hard. I was thrilled in the morning, Zach gave me some beautiful roses, funny-cute card, and a wonderful gift card (so I could get exactly what I wanted). I didn’t have to ride the bus to the bakery and I was surprised with a mini-pizza party lunch (thanks Jen, Megan, and Mary Lou). I was looking forward to getting home early to make sure I could get the package my dad sent with my gifts. I was rushing so much that I had close to zero minutes to get on the bus I needed. I did indeed catch the bus and was on track to getting home. And then, my second bus was late. AGAIN. This bus was late EVERYDAY. I wasn’t getting home till close to 8 o’clock at night and I’ve been leaving at 5:30 pm! So on Thursday as I was freaking out (calling Zach, my apartment complex and receiving Happy Birthday phone calls) I was getting really sad. I could feel my birthday happiness slipping away. I think my Granny was my good luck charm, because as soon as she said her good-bye and I love you, the bus magically came yet I was still another 40 minutes away from our home. Then, Zach finally called me back (the time was 5:16, I left the bakery at 3:46 and was supposed to be home by 5:30) and said, “I signed for it this morning, it’s here.” I was speechless, just in shock of the weight lifted off of me. I could have cried there on the bus, but I was told to keep my voice low.  I was so happy, so happy that I wouldn’t have to be rushed anymore. Once I finally called everyone to inform them I was on the bus heading home I was getting more excited. I got home, saw my huge box that weighed 14 lbs. and began to open it. I hesitated a little bit wondering if I should wait for Zach, but figured it was my box and I could open it anyway. So I did. And I lost all control of my emotions and was in fact crying on my birthday. I started with my mom’s gift to me and I couldn’t even finish reading her card. I held it to my chest just trying to catch my breath. I missed her so much and I haven’t seen her handwriting in so long that I felt close to her. I was being the biggest baby, but with good reason. I opened the gift and it was what I wanted and I saw her note in the book and it was all too much. I then started opening the beautifully wrapped box from my dad and Erin and the cutest cupcake card. I was so quick to open the present that I actually gave myself a paper cut. In the box was a beautiful Ateco Cake Stand. I was so happy with everything my parents sent. But I was still upset, my dad called and was talking to me and then I said I’d call him back and he sounded a little down and right when we hung up I saw the time, 6:03 pm..he was trying to stay on the phone till 6:09, the time I was born. I felt like the biggest jerk, so I called him back right at 6:09 and we talked again and he said I shouldn’t be upset, “be happy you still have birthdays” he said. I just couldn’t believe how bad this was turning out. I was so alone and homesick that I couldn’t even get an “I love you, thank you for my present” on my mom’s voicemail. Needless to say I was down all night. Then, right when Zach came home from school I was watching the video Anne-Marie made of Emma singing Happy Birthday to me and saying I love and miss you. That melted my heart to where I couldn’t get words out. Zach was so nurturing, it just happened so naturally. I finally calmed down and told him about my whole ordeal of a day and we went to bed early. The next morning I was fine. 100% normal. It felt almost like a dream, like the day before wasn’t real. I will say I am very, very blessed for my family and friends. I don’t think I would have been ok the next day if it wasn’t for my family.

Here are some presents:  In order: Zach; Mom; Dad & Erin

Well anyway, enough sadness. I’ll share about today. We woke up late, which was awesome and we decided we would head to Mall at Millenia and spend my gift card Zach got me. I was pumped, I spent almost an hour reading reviews of everything bakeware at William-Sonoma. I ended up deciding on the cupcake/muffin pan and these new flexible measuring cups. After I was done getting ready (which took awhile) we headed off to the most beautiful mall ever. Well, the mall was crowded. Abnormally crowded. There were no parking spots and Zach is very careful about where he parks his M3. We literally parked in the very last spot right near the road that wraps around the mall. So we headed in and went into William-Sonoma and I went for the bakeware section. I was so lost with what I wanted that I had actually forgotten about what I wanted. Thankfully Zach brought me back to Earth and pointed out to the cupcake pan and I grabbed it quick as lightning. So we went to look for the cups..the $24.95 measuring cups. I was so unsure about them, I really really wanted it and Zach said “it’s for you, your birthday present.” So I got the last pair 🙂 and we checked out. I had brought my student ID and got $10 off my purchase total. AWESOME! I was thrilled and happily carried my bag out and we headed for pizza. The day ended up to be nice and calm.

Also, with me taking the bus every afternoon and walking forever that I am actually starting to see a change in my endurance and shape of my legs. So at least something good is coming out of me sweating everyday and sitting on a crowded bus. But with the time I get home, I can’t run. As soon as I get my check for the car I will be running with a breeze. Yay for getting in better shape 🙂

Also, this is what I’ve been working on at the bakery:


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