October 8th.

Yesterday was October 8. It was exactly one year away from Zach and I’s big day. I was busy at The Sugar Suite helping with cakes and it hit me that this would be someone else doing my wedding cake! It felt so weird. I know everyone is saying I shouldn’t do our cake, I need to relax before the big day, but I don’t know if I can find and trust someone to take 100% control of my cake. And I’m a baker! But given that Jennyfer is fabulous and amazing at what she does, I don’t think there is someone else like her. She does some of the best work I’ve ever seen. But besides that, we talked about everything else. Zach and I don’t really plan per say as much as just talk about things. I pretty much give an idea of what I want and he always says, “that’s good.” So I guess its turning into my dream wedding and he is just making sure he will show up. But that’s not what I want. I want it to be us planning together, I mean its his wedding day too. I’m not marrying myself up there! But we do talk frequently about the place it will be at. I am a very picky person and can change my mind on the drop of a dime if I’m not 100% in love with it, [whatever it may be]. We’ve looked at venues down here, and even though they were beautiful, it wasn’t us. I want to get away and go see mountains and have a natural gorgeous background. I don’t want fussy decorations or something too frilly. I want the beautiful outdoors. I want British Columbia. Yes, Canada.

I want this picture. I am head over heels in love with this place! It’s perfect for Zach and I. It’s so simple and rustic, so amazingly beautiful and yet still just timid. It’s not wildly crazy or over the top. It’s somewhere we both have wanted to visit and see, so why not have our wedding here? It’s perfect. We’ve never wanted a huge wedding, just really the closest people in our lives, the ones who have our back whenever we need support. The people we cherish the most..our parents. It’s the perfect way for us to celebrate our new marriage. We’ve discussed it and so far our plans are destination wedding and reception back home, in Georgia. All of our friends and family will be there welcoming us back from our honeymoon, which I’m thinking a tour of Europe, and it will just how we wanted everything. The exact place we want is Painted Boat Resort, The Restaurant. Here are photos of The Restaurant and what it would look like everyday..

Yes, its beautiful. So the wedding is underway. I cannot wait till that day when Zach and I say our vows. I think the wedding is just right for us. I know my family has always wanted me to have a big, grand Southern-belle wedding and I will say I did want that when I was younger, but I’ve grown up into the woman I am who doesn’t mind the pleasant, small things. I like simple and elegant. I just can’t believe its only a year away! It went by so fast. I do have a dress picked, just need to order. We do have a venue, just need to reserve it for our day [I think I’m a little behind} and I do know it will turn out how I want. I’m just stressed over the cake I probably won’t bake or design..my buttercream and fondant security-blanket is gone.

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