Saturday News

I woke up this morning feeling so sick. I had a pounding headache, I mean it was a killer. I stumbled to the kitchen and didn’t even reach for some medicine, instead I opened the refrigerator and grabbed a Diet Coke. Yes, a soda. I was having a caffine headache first thing in the morning! I wasn’t even done sleeping, but my body woke me up saying, “hey! we need something!” I was so disgusted with myself that I have been trying to stay away from them all day. I’ve been guzzling water one after another (sadly, water bottles..I know bad) but since I haven’t been sipping sugar I’ve been craving sweets like crazy! I am starting to see how bad my body depends on this liquid crack. It is effecting my whole body. Headaches, cravings, and a temper. I need to stop, cold turkey! But I must say I craddled to the urge tonight. I couldn’t make myself drink water with dinner. So I’ve had only 2 Diet Coke’s today. I know most people would be like omgosh, thats still bad, well you haven’t seen the number of cans I drink a day. I used to depend on at least one in the morning, one when I got home, and around 2 for dinner, and one before bed. Gross. Gross. GROSS. I have been drinking water throughout the day at school, but once I got home I wouldn’t touch water. So I have been a busy-body all day. We were out shopping and came home and we kept busy. Zach has been so nice though. He goes into the kitchen asking if I need a water or something to snack on. I know its so petty, but its been this way for what it feels like forever. On the being more healthy and changing my Diet Coke intake, I’m also getting back to my workouts. I had a HUGE hit today while trying on jeans..I had to get a bigger size. Now, I know it sounds so..annoying. But I almost had a meltdown. I’ve been the same size since high school. From age 17-21 I’ve been the same size, and now 3 weeks before turning 22 I have up-ed a jean size. So that right there made me go,”ok enough, I have to do something.” Zach of course goes, “well baby, you aren’t a teenager anymore..” Ok well that doesn’t make me feel any better! But I know what he is saying, but if I’m so unhappy with it I have to do something. Complaining will get me nowhere. So I’m starting my morning yoga workouts and running. I am giving myself ONE day at being “unhealthy” and starting to kick butt Monday. Monday is a good day, because I will be busy all day interning at The Sugar Suite so I will have my mind off sweets and Diet Cokes. I know, bakery and sweets. But when I bake, I don’t really crave my work lol. Hopefully this will all work out and I will keep on track. I really want to, not only for me, but for Zach too. He said he will support me and try to encourage me whenever I need it. I just want to start being more healthy for us and so I can be there for our future family. Happily ever after starts today..!

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