I have been intrduced to this new theory of the way our country is becoming fat. It was on The Doctor’s and one of them did a week-long diet of how the average American spends their day eating and excerising. He mostly ate unhealthy fast food, hardly did exersice and watched tons of tv. The effects on him were startling. He gained weight, his blood pressure sky-rocketed and he was over-all on the track to being unhealthy. It was just amazing, people need to see this. It really brought a new aspect to how I am eating. I am keeping a food journal so keep track of what I am putting into my body. I’m desperately trying to cut down on drinking Diet Cokes and increase my water intake. I am also working out like I used to. I am doing a morning yoga routine, about 11 minutes of just stretching [beginners] and then a workout dvd. I’m still tired most of the day, but its just my body trying to get back ona healthy track. The tool of the fat and sugar’s I’d consume really took a hit on my body. Its a little sad that its taking so long for my body to bounce back to being “healthy”. But thats how our nation is! We get consumed in fast-food, sitting our butts down on the couch and taking resisdence there all night. We need to get moving! We need to really think about food and what its doing to us, I mean someone should just ban it for a day and we would see how much we depend on it..which is a little gross. I’m feeding my fiance more healthy meals and we are cooking a lot more. Here is hoping it works out and we keep on track. I really want to, I want to be glowing on our wedding day..not looking like a twinkie.

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