New Home, for now.

Zach and I just signed our lease on a new apartment! It is a beautiful one bedroom. The community is wonderful and it is still close to our schools and jobs. I feel more like an adult with use signing the papers today. We do have help from our parents, but this time it was just him and I signing. We start moving our things this weekend. Our lives are changing for the better. I pray about this kind of stuff happening to us every night, more good things. Now all I need is this new job offer. It would be amazing if I get it. Zach and I are so thankful for everything our families have done for us in the past and present. One day we will be able to have 100% control on everything: rent, bills, everything involving money being spent. I have to keep reminding myself we are college student starting our careers..which means we do not have our careers yet. I just want us to repay our families one day because without much of their financial help Zach and I would not be able to stay here in Orlando. Our new apartment is feeling like home and we have so much more room for Zach’s tool box and car stuff. A bigger kitchen for myself 🙂 who doesn’t love a bigger kitchen ?! Maintaining the cleanliness of our home will be a little harder since we can’t reach the ceiling with the Swiffer (great..dust webs). The family makes the home, not the home makes the family.


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