29 Questions..TMI Post

1. What are you wearing?

Compression shorts, compression socks, polar bear fleece pj pants and a raddy tshirt. Post race gear.

2. Ever been in love?

Yes!  And I love him more every single day.

3. Ever had a terrible breakup?

Yep. It was ugly and I was 18 and learned many things.

4. How tall are you?

5 feet, 5 inches.

5. How much do you weigh?

Ugh. 130.

6. Any tattoos?

YEP. 5 in total. 

7.  Any piercings?

Had my belly button pierced, took it out 6 years ago, and I have double ear piercings on each ear.

8. Favorite song?

Any Britney Spears song. I can’t pick just one.

9. Qualityies you’d look for in a partner?

Humor and loyalty. 

10.  Favorite quote?

Start with your head, finish with your heart.

11. Favorite actor?

So many! Hmmm… JohDepMattMcChrisHemsJareLetBradCooChannTatum. Yep that actor ;)

12. Loud music or soft?

Loud music! I work in a salon with awesome music blasting.

13. Where do you go when you’re sad?

Outside to run.

14.  How long does it take for you to get ready in the morning?

45 minutes.

15. Every been in a physical fight?

Yes. Girl fight, nothing serious.

16. Turn on?

Foot rubs.

17.  Turn off?

Being an asshole. Just saying.

18.  Fears?

I have severe car driving anxiety when I am a passenger. I develop panic attacks. Fear of car wrecks is bad.

19.  Last thing that made you cry?

Marriage issue. 

20. Last time you said you loved someone?

My mom when I was ending our phone call.

21. Meaning behind your YouTube name?

Blog name. 

22. The relationship between you and the person you last texted?

My awesome hubby, and I literally texted him telling him he was the best husband.

23. Favorite food?

Fish and chips. All day everyday if I could. 

24.  Place you want to visit?


25.  Do you have a crush?

Yes and I get to see him every day when he gets home. Zach <3 4ever.

26. Last time you kissed someone?

Zach before he left for work.

27. Last time you were insulted?

On the phone yesterday by a client.

28.  Favorite piece of jewelry?

Engagement ring and wedding band, and my colorful flower statement necklace.

29. Who should answer these questions next?

JEN at Hello Fitness We Meet Again

AND YOU! Answer one or all in the comments :)


I Broke Up With My Running Shoes

On March 29 I had a brilliant race until it turned bad and it was because of my shoes.

I knew something had to change.

I broke up with Brooks.

I did cry.


I’ve been in the Brooks Adrenaline since the 12s. I managed to rock those babies until they were done at over 300+ miles. Then went to the 13s after a bad situation with the Ravenna (130 miles on those and I still got to return them!) and so naturally I wanted the 14s. I mean duh, I love the shoe.

However, with many miles slowing adding up I was beginning to hurt. Solely in my feet (get it?!) and I was getting more blisters that sidelined me for days. When the blood blisters occurred I had to rethink my problem and the cause. My arches would be so tight and sore, I could barely walk in the mornings. Running was causing so much pain I would end up walking majority of my distance.

With barely 70 miles on the Adrenaline 14s I took them back. And OMG was it hard. I was literally heartbroken, this was my shoe. As a runner you become very attached to things that make you a runner. For instance, your favorite race outfit, using a Garmin, a lucky handheld water bottle, or compression socks. Your shoes are your shoes. And there I was handing them over barely worn and hardly noticeable that they’ve ever be ran in (ok not really, there was like a lot of dirty marks on the lining). But before this occurred I needed advice on which shoes to get. Let us backtrack.

The last time I ran in them was here: March 29, 2014

photo 3

And I ended up with a bad blister, one so deep it had burst, formed another one underneath it which busted as well and a third tiny blister was forming.  I was willing* to give up my shoes and find something better, something to not try and kill my feet. (*Zach was insisting I get new shoes, he was tired of me getting hurt and chronic blisters)

Zach and I went to Big Peach Running Company (who BTW are fantastic!) and found out a lot of information about my ill-fitted Brooks, the problem I had with my biomechanics, and my feet.

First off, with my running shoe history the shoe guru was shocked at my shoe selections. My weird looking feet graph supported that I had high arches, but my visual arch looked normal to medium. My right foot bore more pressure than my left, and my running gait looked like I needed a a neutral shoe on the left and slightly supported shoe on my right. All this added up to my issues with my right foot. Plus, come to find out that my new Brooks were not fitting me, they were too small and tight even though it was the same size I was purchasing before. And I was running in a high stability shoe. Something not necessary! I WAS SHOCKED.

After picking my jaw off the treadmill, we went over and ran in some different shoes and brands. I leaned more towards the support than neutral only because I wanted something for both feet that wouldn’t cause damage to the other. Best option was supported shoes. After I ran in about 5 brands and models, I fell in love with one.

photo 2

Yep. I’ve crossed over to Mizuno.

photo 3

Wave Inspire 10s. I LOVE them. Hard. Not only are they incredibly light, they are just the right amount of support I need and want. I did go ahead and get some Superfeet blue insoles because I just love them, but they didn’t really need a fix.

Currently they have 21 miles on them. I haven’t been running a lot just because I’m lazy. <—Seriously! And I have a half marathon Saturday!  But for all the runs I have done, they are just too good for words.

photo 1

My first run in them was to test them out in which I did 1.5 miles on the track. I felt so great that I decided to add some speed work and busted out my FASTEST MILE EVER!

photo 5

That is how light they are, I swear I felt like I didn’t have shoes on!

Of course I’ve had some leisurely runs and I love them just as much. The shoes have changed my game.

photo 3

I’m not in pain, my arches don’t ache, and not a single blister has crept up. Its hard to say if I’ll go back to Brooks. I was Brooks Adrenalines for life! but now I don’t know. They were seriously hurting me. And that can turn a person on using that brand again. But it was also my biomechanics, not just the shoe. A lot of factors go into play when it comes to running shoes which is why people need to get properly fitted for their shoes. I had no clue that this edition was too tight and small for me, I guess Brooks switched up the model more than I noticed. Whatever it may be, I am a sucker for these beautiful Wave Inspires. The cushion is perfection, the weight is unbelievable for such a supported shoe, and I really like them.

Which is why I had to return my Brooks. The end of a relationship is the beginning to a new one. And this one is looking pretty sweet.


Have you ever broken up with a shoe and fell in love with another?

Whats your most favorite running shoe ever?



Run the River 10K Recap

I had a 10K last Saturday, Run the River 5K and 10K,  on March 29 and in the end I did manage a PR. But that is the best thing out of it.


Did I enjoy it? Yes, I absolutely love the course! Its beautiful and fast. You run along the Chattahoochee River and see some gorgeous mega homes. Plus its a smaller race, which means less running traffic and everyone is pretty much in the same game as you, just finish and finish fast! They do offer a 5K as well. And the local police officers are very friendly and will keep you safe and generally yell at people doing anything wrong.

It started out raining. Bummer. I highly DISLIKE running in rain. I did it for my half marathon, and although I managed a PR in the race I also suffered a major blood blister. Thankfully, this whole race went on without any weather issues. The rain stopped about 10 minutes before the start and never came back.

photo 1

I had the best cheerleader, my mom. This is her second time watching me race, and even though she only got to see me start and finish, I loved knowing she was there! <—yep, there is not really places for crowds to cheer you on.

I tried taking pictures during the race but they didn’t even look like anything so I deleted them. You’re welcome.

The worst thing happened at mile 2 that made me walk at mile 4.

Freaking ass blister!

In the same freaking spot that developed one on Tuesday. FML.

Emotionally I was upset, physically I was hurting and I didn’t know what to do. I knew the cause, my shoes. I have been suffering from this problem for close to the entire time of wearing them. Which will come up in the next post.

I still managed to PR with walking, I wanted a 1:04 or 1:05 and had I not walked I could of done it!

photo 3

photo 2

photo 4

I love this race. I really do. I am running the same course but in another race this June. The cost is fairly cheap, $25 for both distances. In June I plan on crushing my previous times.

Overall I’d rate it at 8 out of 10. The benefits are too great to pass up! Plus it is a certified course.


What is Up With My Running

I have 3 posts planned for this week, that is more than I published all last month. Blogger of the year over here!

Today’s is mostly what was going on in my past 2 weeks of running. The other two are practically this: some shit went down with me and my running shoes and a race recap.

Where to begin first…hmmmm….? Well I’ll just add a ton of photos for you! Enjoy.

photo 1

I went to my first group run at our local running store, and we did a great 3 mile loop, however my Garmin and GarminConnect said two different things! I was shocked as crap to see the results on the computer, I knew we were pushing it just a little bit, but talking and running hills at this pace without stopping is a win for me! I’m going with the GarminConnect at 3.10 miles at 9:57 average pace ;)

photo 2

I went out a little hill run since the weather was so freaking nice! Then it got cold again and I hate this cold weather. Bring on the hot, humid summer weather! But this felt good.

photo 4

Scary town USA. Threshold. No bueno. I will admit that I was highly scared of this, first I hate anything with the word fast/hard and I had to keep up a 8:49 pace or better for each minute. I was super duper slow on the warmup, trying to delay the actual workout.


First minute at a 7:49 pace, I was like “@#$!?!” But I got below the average pace I needed, and then I got tired at minute 3 and the final minute with a 9:39 pace. I did actually like this…and would love to do it again. And I worked out hard y’all. No joke, makeup running down my face.

photo 5

Hard core.

And then! This popped in my email inbox.

photo 3

Woohoo! My first PRR and I can’t wait to run it! The world’s largest 10K and I’m kinda scared of running along that many people, definitely not a PR race for me, just a fun enjoy it race.

Tuesday I ran 5 miles. I DID NOT ENJOY THIS.

photo 5


photo 4

Why did I not enjoy this you ask? Well at my turnaround point, I was faced going uphill. No biggie, I hate hills but I’ll suck it up and do them. Unless my arch starts to throb. And I develop a blister. A reoccurring situation that keeps coming up in every single run. I’ve been suffering with this for a while with my Brooks Adrenalines and I’ve finally found relief (details on another post). But I suffered through this run with a popped blister and arch pain on my right foot, and was thrilled to be done. That was the best part.

And I leave you with this.

photo 1

I have this mantra on my RoadID and I swear by it. Whenever I struggle, I remember this. I love running, I love having that time to myself to do something I truly love and feel no life pressure.



Weekly Training and When You Should Take a Break

This will be a great post. 1) It does not contain a 1,000 pictures like the usual 2) I actually have some good information for you. Win-win!

Last week I had a good mileage week. It was one of the highest ones for me in a while. 15 miles in total. Woohoo!

Sunday (3/2) I had 6 miles on the books and it was a lot better than my previous 6 miles that took me 65 minutes. For starters, the weather was PERFECT! Omgosh I am loving this weather. No ice, snow, or rain and it feels like summer and I am so loving it.

I started out really slow, per every other run and I tried to pick up speed. I did get a little too warm and stupid me didn’t have any water. I’m still on the kick of “its winter training so I don’t need water for long runs” so that has to change.

photo 2

Avg. pace 10:39. My stats were ok: 10:46, 11:05 , 10:45, 10:48, 11:07, 9:24<—WTF?! YES.

I am having trouble keeping up a good pace and having negative splits.  I wish it was 11:07, 11:05, 10:48, 10:46, 10:45, 9:24 but can’t always get what you want.  I was having some pretty good negative split runs, but not lately. Hopefully it’ll happen soon. Let us talk about that last mile however. I was literally getting pissed off that I was slowing down again UNTIL a miracle happened. MY STRANGER PACER WAS RUNNING AGAIN! Yes, for real! I followed her the last mile and runner magic happened when I finished with a 9:24 mile.

photo 1

Wednesday (3/5) I had 4 miles on the schedule and I had to run in the evening. I’m typically a morning runner, but I didn’t really have a choice so I hiked up my big girl panties and ran later in the day. The trail was packed, which is always a good sign. I was like “its 4 miles…knock them out, you got this” and my body was saying, “no for the love of God please listen to your coach and take them easy”

I ran them fast.

photo 3

10:50, 10:32, 10:14, 10:01

I was hot, I was tired, and I wanted to go home. Thankfully, it was a negative split run which is always a good sign. I really enjoyed this run, only because I picked up a lot of speed (for me) and managed to run physically tired and still make good time. And I run with lots of “mess” on my arm.  Garmin, Road ID, and Nike FuelBand.

So I did not run Friday, I waited for Saturday and I had to run 5 miles. I was so not in the mood. Legit pushing this off, I was so tired. Whenever I’m tired, I run faster so I’m done quicker. Because that makes total sense. Just push your body to the max to cause possible injuries and failures. Its ok, you can call me a genius. JK.

photo 4

9:37, 10:26, 10:27, 11:00, 10:40

I am so ashamed. I went out way too fast and ended up paying for it in the end. Those are bad stats. Should be in reverse order, but nope I clearly have no control on my pace when I am dead tired. 9:37 is something I aim for in my last mile, never in the first. I will admit that mile 4 was the slowest because my legs kept cramping. It was unbelievable, the weather was gorgeous and hot. Something I am not used to anymore and I didn’t hydrate at all before or during this. So I set myself up for a bad run with bad issues. I kinda learned my lesson.  But I got to run in one of my running skirts! It was amazing.


My week was a little all over the place in terms of paces. I wish I could get back to my runs a couple of weeks ago, and I am reading previous journal entries and blog posts to figure out what I was doing right and what I am doing wrong now. The biggest issue I am seeing is this: I was not nearly as tired then as I am now.


As I am coming into year 3 of running, I am still learning what works and what doesn’t. The biggest issue I deal with is fuel and exhaustion. They go hand-in-hand. I try to eat a healthy breakfast, typically oatmeal. Sometimes I eat my yogurt with powdered peanut butter added in. Then I don’t eat until 3:30 in the afternoon. That is a large gap of not eating anything, but at work I’m so busy at the front desk that I don’t have a second to eat or drink anything. Then I’ll eat lunch at home, dinner at 8-9 then bed at 11-12. And do it all over again the next day. I am exhausted. I need to fuel properly and sleep better, but I just can’t seem to get in my head.

I know when to take a break though, like this week. I’m not beating myself up for not running all my runs, yes it might mess me up for next week, but that is ok. I want to be rested so I don’t hurt myself. Whenever I sleep longer on my off days I know my body is telling me something. I usually get up at 7 every morning, even on my off days. If I wake up at 9 or 10, sometimes 11 I know my body is catching up on much needed rest. So I accept that and just let my body heal itself and take a little break from exhausting it even more.

If you’re sleeping more, eating more, or eating less there might be something you need to back off from, like running. Your body will not lose all the hard work you’ve put into training, trust me. Your body is amazing at keeping your fitness level up. Just listen to what you need, not what you want. In the end it’ll make all the difference.



Hour By Hour At The Track

Zach and I  were at race tracks pretty much every weekend in February, and with that comes a lot of  repeat events. So I thought I’d share with you what I go through to support my man.

6AM: Wake up at the butt crack of dawn and have some much needed hot tea, was in no mood for coffee.

photo 1

7:30AM: Drivers meeting and I was distracted by the World Challenge Cup cars that decided to hit up the track from practice runs.

photo 2

photo 3

10:30AM: When you’re left alone for small periods of time, you find yourself getting bored and with boredom comes hunger. Time for a snack!

photo 4

12PM: Finally, lunch time and we get to eat our yoga mats Subway and the high point is the cookie. CAN YOU BELIEVE ZACH ALMOST THREW HIS AWAY?! Unspeakable actions.

photo 5

1:00PM: Next is watching Zach on the track. That is the best part. Even though it terrifies me. And he has multiple sessions all day, but this is the one I captured.

photo 1

Oh, NBD. Just some Indy cars being dropped off for their practice trials. And to the left of the photo there were more trailers, but it was cold and I didn’t want to walk all the way over there. Lazy alert.

photo 2

2:47PM: Zach is out with his student so I always just watch them so I’m not completely bored out of my mind.

photo 3

3:00PM: Next up is the best part! My turn to ride around with Zach and go super stupid fast and freak the F out and scream. And its all captured on video.

photo 4

4:30PM: And finally, it comes time to start to pack up and Zach goes over his car and finds icky stuff like tire marbles and rubber all stuck to this car and yep, the tires. These suckers make the tires vibrate and lose a little traction.

photo 5

And thats our day at the track. It was time to head home.

For your viewing pleasure, here is a video from VIR last year and this is legit how I act.

You’re welcome.

How I Was Humbled by a 6 Mile Run

Sunday I had my longest run since Feb. 1′s half marathon. I’ve been struggling with almost every single run since that race for reasons I don’t even understand. I wish I wasn’t, I’ve been dealing with a shit ton of frustration when it comes to my running lately. I throughly enjoy running, I really do. But it feels like running isn’t loving me back.

I went in knowing I had to run 5-6 miles and at most time 65 minutes. My running coach really wants me to focus on time running and not distance. I apparently run too fast during long and easy runs and beat the allotted time given to me. So now we are focusing on longer times each long run and not longer miles. Either way I love running for both time and distance.

I had my usual long run breakfast: oatmeal and a bottle of water. Delicious. I do drench my oatmeal in agave nectar, it sweetens it up just right. I was ready to go, but even before I stepped out the door I told Zach I was having major doubts and was actually scared to attempt this distance. I’m very blessed for an amazing husband who believes in me when I don’t believe in myself. The moment I got to the trail, not only was it fully packed, but the weather was 100% perfect.

I tackled my negative thoughts and set out with my Garmin and RunKeeper so I could break this up into 5 minute segments and not overwhelm myself with how long I was and had to run. I was immediately tired. My shins were hurting. I started to get frustrated and thought about quitting. But I didn’t.

I kept going.

I was slow, but I picked up speed. I was hurting, but it slowly disappeared. After 35 minutes of solid running without stopping, I hit my turn around point. And then I mentally hit my low. I was getting hot and tired, this was further than any other run. Not gonna lie, I wanted to be done! But I still had 30 minutes left and so I buckled down and kept running.

The last 2 miles were highly frustrating. Not because of my pace, but because of my mental state. I was so angry at myself for getting so down in the dumps about having to run this distance. I was actually enjoying this feeling of working myself past exhaustion, for pushing through pain and getting that high of hitting my goal.

I made it to 6 miles. In exactly 1:05. I was pumped!

photo 1

Yes, it was slow for me. And I’m ok with that. It was hard both mentally and physically, but I overcame those obstacles. And I did what I was set out to do.

I did however call and whine to Zach. At the time I was irritated to why it was so hard, why I struggled. And he was honest and said, “because you haven’t done it in a while.” At that moment, I shut up. He was right. I haven’t ran that far in a while. I was actually doubling my prior distances. I was getting past my comfort zone and challenging my body to what I needed to. And I freaking succeeded!

photo 2

Sometimes you just need a kick in your ass to get you past your downfalls. Sometimes you need to accept challenges with the result of changes. And always you need to be thankful for whatever your body is beyond capable of doing…like running 6 miles.